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- a selection of free ready-made games to use in the classroom to teach & learn languages.

This is a brand new resources area and games will be added as they are created.

Looking for a game to practise something in particular?

Please leave a request using the discussion tab if you would like something that is not here.

Want to share your own Language games?

If you would like to join this wiki and add your own language games you are very welcome - just click 'Join this wikispace' and leave a message for me (Jo Rhys-Jones on the Talkabout Primary Languages ning).
If you are not a member of wikispaces you will automatically be taken through joining wikispaces first (you'll need a valid email) and then you can return to this webpage and click 'join'.


To save time, new games are added simply by adding a new page and the pages are tagged with the language (eg. Spanish, French, Anylanguage etc.) and the topic (eg. animals, colours etc.) We could add yr group tags if this is useful?

There will eventually be a home page to select the language and then to find games by topic which will be added at a later date. In which case new games can still be added by simply adding a new page and the tag 'menu' and then either myself or one of the administrator-members will add it to the right section if necessary.